Increase in interest rates in the event of late payment in a B2B and B2C relationship

interest rate
late payment

B2B or B2C clients who do not pay on time may incur interest charges for late payment. The company generally determines the rate of interest on the basis of which these charges are calculated, provided that this is clearly indicated in the contract and/or invoicing conditions. If no rate is specified, the legal rate of interest is applicable. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between B2B and B2C transactions.

The legal rate of interest for transactions between businesses and consumers (B2C) is 5.25% in 2023 (2022: 1.50%). The rate of interest for transactions between businesses (B2B) has also increased and is, for the first quarter of 2023, from 10.5% (in 2022: 8%). These rates must still be published in the Belgian Official Journal.

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