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We have been working with and developing alongside our clients for over 25 years aiming for fairer taxation.
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[ fi.dy.sjɛʁ ] n. f. (lat. fiducia, trust). Referring to fictitious values, based on the trust in the person who issues them.

JMS TAX AUDIT was established in 1998 in response to demand from individuals requiring tailored accounting and tax management.

In short, JMS is a Belgian family fiduciary guaranteeing on an annual basis over €63 million in assets. Our business values are family values based on trust, collective endeavour and professionalism. We have been working with and evolving alongside our clients for over 25 years for a fairer taxation. Fairer in numbers but also in the advice and efforts in good and bad times. On a human scale, our pedagogical culture makes it possible to achieve collaborative and functional growth with the support of the team of 17 employees.

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JMS Tax Audit is registered under the N° 10.497.521 ITAA (Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants). This allows us to account, certify and audit any professional activity in Belgium. Recognised in the accounting and judicial expertise, JMS has as mission the support of its clients in their weekly management as well as during their special operations (liquidation, mergers and acquisitions, splits, …)

Our internal certification

At JMS Tax Audit, we offer comprehensive accounting management services to closely follow the development of your entrepreneurial journey. Our pro-active approach includes our own accounting audit before any annual publication of your accounts at the National Bank of Belgium or your VAT declaration, mitigating the risk of non-compliance with tax accounting rules.

Our experts specialize in innovative solutions tailored to your business needs, always adhering to current legislation and maintaining complete discretion. From income tax and registration fees to VAT, we develop and reorient strategies based on your current business situation and expected achievements.

We understand the importance of anticipating fiscal and legal changes to limit the financial impact on your assets. Our personalized approach ensures that we consider the uniqueness of your situation and provide guidance on strategically separating your personal and business assets.

When it comes to VAT, we distinguish between your rights as a distributor and your obligations as a taxable party. Our detailed knowledge of the current regimes and latest decisions of the Belgian Constitutional Court enable us to establish the scope of VAT rules in each individual case.

Transparency, independence, and integrity are the cornerstones of our services, which have guaranteed the credibility of our advice for over 25 years. With our expertise and commitment to professionalism and trust, we strive to help our clients achieve their financial goals and protect their interests.

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Proportionate taxation

Accurately determining your tax base for the calculation of your taxes requires an in-depth knowledge of the evolution of your business as well as accounting and tax rules. This process, provided through your accounting, allows us to legally balance your tax situation with respect to your profits and investments. Later on, in the event of any disputes regarding the tax base, J.M.S negotiates on your behalf with the authorities, providing assistance during any tax audits.

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Tax incentives to be discovered

From an acquisition to an investment, along with a stock market transaction, any financial transaction has a tax consequence. What are the deductibility rates for these different types of transaction? J.M.S provides advice on all your financial decisions from the perspective of their specific tax consequences. Tax deductions within the context of productive investments, Tax Shelter, real-estate financing, reinvestment conditions and other spread taxation: these options will no longer be mystery to business owners advised by our teams.

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Optimisation and planning

How do you protect, structure and pass on your estate under optimum conditions? From inheritance taxes to income from legal and tax arrangements protecting the interest on your capital, your tax liability can be significant. Nevertheless, the in-depth knowledge of tax law and its developments reduces the tax burden without crossing legal limits. Between practice and ethics, tax optimisation with J.M.S is the product of honest collaboration both with our clients and the Tax Authorities.

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Assist, clarify

The expert accounts at J.M.S are ITAA certified, sworn and appointed by courts within the framework of expert evaluation assignments. This relates to both accounting or tax matter. Conversely, thanks to this additional ITAA certification – J.M.S being one of the first to gain the certificate – we are able to provide clarification on expert reports submitted to the court. Our experience in this type of support pragmatically ensures that irregularities, defects and solutions are brought to light.

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Here you will find the latest and most updated information on tax regulations affecting small, medium and large enterprises.

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